Lenten Programming

Candles Extinguish One by One as You Journey to Black Friday

An interactive musical program for worship leaders, choir and congregation.

JOURNEY BY CANDLELIGHT TO THE CROSS is a musical program that can be separated into seven sessions, one for each Sunday of Lent and Black/Good Friday, or presented as a complete program with a run time of approximately 30 minutes.

The program focuses on the last days of Jesus’s life in Jerusalem leading up to the crucifixion. The readings are themed “shadows” of conspiracy, sadness, temptation, betrayal, denial, death and darkness. The choral pieces included are old hymn texts of the early church revived and set to common tunes.

The anthems are arranged for easy rehearsals regardless of choir size, but especially designed with 2-part/SAB church choirs in mind.

Each extinguishing of a candle includes a scripture reading, a reflective reading, a musical congregational response and a choral anthem. ($7.00 in our online store)

First Sunday of Lent with one candle extinguished.