If You’re Going to Make a Mistake…

Music Teachers Offer “Sound” Advice for Life

“The book was great! I had all three of the band directors and can still hear them saying or doing things you wrote about in the book. Thanks for the lessons shared.” — Billie Jo Derrow

“This is a wonderful piece of work and very tastefully done.” –Jack Clark, Cleveland, TN

“The pages about my dad made for great reading and great memories. Even the caricature drawings, down to the watch, sweater vest and facial expressions, were dead on! He would be honored.” –Mike Rose

“IF YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE A MISTAKE…” is a collection of 20 life lessons captured by Susan Jones as they played out in various music classrooms around the country.

The featured teachers include Ron Warren, Judy Beckley, Jennie Parker, Harry Sacco, Ed Parshall, Ron Rose, Rosa Nell Powell, Ben Speer, Jack Clark, Harold Lane, Eugene McCammon, Vestal Goodman, G.T. Speer, and J.D. Sumner and the lessons are generated from something as simple as an image or complex as a chord progression–all driving home the facts of life.

Perfect for young musicians. The teachers in front of you may have different names but the lessons are common and resound across the ages.

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