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A biography of former West Virginia University head football coach Bill Stewart.


A collection of songs from Susan Jones ideal for the quiet, reflective moments of the day.


Soundtracks included areThe Best Day of My Life; Shadows and Light; That Your Glory May Be Known
That's Grace; He Still Came Down; My Soul Has Found Peace


Contents include preparing the writer, presenting the message, form, rhythm, rhyme, and evaluation of song lyrics. (94 pages)


Contents include shaped notes, music symbols, terms, major chords, minor scales, minor chords, augmented chords, diminished chords, and conducting patterns. (46 pages)


Contents include shaped notes, the major scale, vocal range, note recognition, key signatures, time signatures, note values, counting rhythms, and conducting patterns.  (54 pages)


Contents include shaped notes, intervals, the circle of fifths, basic rules of part writing for the major, minor, augmented, diminished, and inverted triad. (56 pages)


Contents include a system of shorthand for writing music and sight reading lines in shaped note form.


The categories were designed to apply to US History, so think famous American people and places and chime in when someone or someplace comes to mind that fits the category.


The Gospel Revelations were a semi-professional Gospel quartet from Moundsville, WV. A look at the group and industry of the 1970's.


"If You're Going to Make a Mistake..." is a collection of 20 life lessons captured by Susan Jones as they played out in various music classrooms around the country.

The featured teachers include Ron Warren, Judy Beckley, Jennie Parker, Harry Sacco, Ed Parshall, Ron Rose, Rosa Nell Powell, Ben Speer, Jack Clark, Harold Lane, Eugene McCammon, Vestal Goodman, G.T. Speer, and J.D. Sumner.


The history of John Marshall High School's first 50 years. Price ($45) includes shipping and handling.

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