About Susan Jones

Susan Jones is a West Virginia public schoolteacher who teaches at John Marshall High School in Glen Dale, West Virginia. Her course load currently includes American History and Appalachian Culture.

Her focus on writing began in 1993 as part of an exploration into Christian ministry and has since found many avenues of expression. Susan’s best known writing is her work on the biography of former WVU head football coach Bill Stewart.

Also a Christian songwriter, she has over 150 songs in her catalog which includes a Top 40 song in the Christian Country genre. That song, If It Wasn’t for the Cross, was co-written with Tery Wilkins and recorded by Rob Helton.

As a music director, Susan has developed music resources specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller congregations, and as a private music teacher, she has developed educational resources that cover a wide range of topics including music theory, beginner’s piano and guitar instruction, sight-singing and lyric writing.

She was born in Glen Dale, West Virginia, and lives in Moundsville, West Virginia, with her husband of twenty-seven years, retired John Marshall High School teacher Bill Jones.